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Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

We use all sorts of energy on our farm. One major type of fuel for both our grain and livestock operations is propane. #ad However, if you’d have asked me all about propane two weeks ago, the only thing I could tell you is the gallons we go through in a year (yes, it’s a lot!)

It turns out propane is a low cost energy option, produces fewer emissions than other fuel and is easily accessible to refill/refuel. We use propane to heat our hog buildings, dry our grain and heat our home and sheds. What is even more important than the intriguing facts about propane is propane safety for not only Jordan and I but for our kiddos as well.  We have propane tanks on every working site around our farm. 

If you already live outside of town and use propane for any reason, you likely understand the importance of teaching your kids how to be safe around propane tanks and cylinders. And if I am being honest, I learned quite a few helpful tips as a 29 year old adult who actively uses loads of propane on our farm.

According to Propane Education & Research Council, “Nearly 40 percent of farms in America rely on propane in their farming and ranching operations to run pumps and engines, heat buildings, and dry and process crops.” I could believe this statistic as propane is one of the main ways farms and families heat their buildings and homes here in Missouri. Propane is also a highly domesticated fuel, with over 90 percent of propane supplies being produced in the United States. Now, for the good part…

I know many of you have been unexpectedly spending more time at home than usual this spring (an now summer) and are left to find fun, engaging ways to educate and entertain your kiddos. Let me share with you a website to add to your back pocket that your kids will love! PERC created this awesome, interactive educational website,, for parents and kiddos to explore. The website is designed to teach and reinforce propane safety at home and around the farm.  Some of our favorite activities on the website include:

  • Safety videos with Frankie the Forklift
  • Virtual propane/farm coloring pages that can be printed
  • Propane Bingo
  • Spot the difference (three levels – our four year old loves this!)
  • Explore propane use on the farm

Rhett and Reese LOVE the website and have been asking me already this morning to play it again. An added bonus – I love that they are learning about propane safety and really, I am learning, too – WIN WIN!

Check out the kids website here: PROPANEKIDS.COM
Check out the Propane Council’s website here: PROPANE.COM

If you listen to podcasts, Whitney and I released Midwest Farm Wives Episode 27 today about safety on the farm. We talk about all sorts of safety tips and then dive into propane safety as well. Be sure to check it out!

**Thank you to the Propane Educate & Research Council for partnering with me to share safety tips about propane! These resources are a great – I’d love to hear what you thought of the website in the comments below.