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Life on the Farm

I feel like I’ve been lying to you…

For someone who bragged about her other two babies only being exclusively breast fed, for the last four weeks, I've been feeding my baby formula at night. Yes, you read that correctly, I have been...

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Because in this family we eat meat.

Think about the family traditions and habits you grew up surrounded by. For example, I was raised eating jelly on my cornbread and Jordan was raised eating syrup on his cornbread. We call our noon...

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You’re new favorite pork chop recipe.

If you've decided to read this, then you probably already know we are hog farmers. We eat the same pork we send to market, because frankly, its basically the best ever - trust me. Followers always...

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Things got a little corny around the farm.

At the heart of every family tradition is a meaningful, memorable experience. Yesterday was CORN DAY (an unofficial name that I officially gave yesterday). Jordan took some weeds to the back of our...

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Propane safety on the farm

Safety doesn't happen by accident. We use all sorts of energy on our farm. One major type of fuel for both our grain and livestock operations is propane. #ad However, if you'd have asked me all...

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I am a grocery store farmer.

I'm a grocery store farmer. Yep, you heard that correctly. Our family raises the food that we have the privilege of purchasing at our grocery stores, you know, the store where we buy most of our...

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Pigs, Pork Production and Covid-19

As this pandemic continues to develop, my emotions have traveled from panic to fear to anxiousness and now lie in the area of facts and faith over fear. I still check the markets multiple times per...

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What are we doing different?

As we navigate through, what I think will be referred to as "The Pandemic of 2020" (aka COVID-19), I found myself doing things around our house and in our daily life that I wasn't doing before this...

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Us Rural Women Have to Stick Together

Mamas, Wives, Women, Entrepreneurs, Farmers. Christians.

Life can get messy (and a bit lonely) when you’re trying to be everything for everyone all at once (especially during the busy planting and harvest season!)

I want you to know that you’re not alone in your journey. And together, we can work towards living authentically, confidently, and colorfully. Isn’t it time to bring back the blessing that is YOU?

So stick around and get to know your new community. And when you have a moment, tell me a bit about yourself!

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