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Wow! What a start to 2020! I don’t know about you, but I am so thankful for a safe, dependable food supply that United States farmers are able to supply during these uncertain times. #ad I not only get to be thankful for the food supply chain, but I also have the privilege of being a US Farmer, producing food for us all to enjoy. So, it was a no brainer to show love for other US farmers by taking the pledge at

Did you know that 97% of US farms are family owned?  Our farm name Epperson Family Farms includes the term “family” because building our legacy for future generations is a foundational tier to our business mission. On our farm here in Northeast Missouri, we produce corn and soybeans, which primarily go to make animal feed. We also raise hogs that are processed and sold across the United States. Every time you purchase a product that is connected to a US farmer, you are saying “thank you” for their efforts to produce products for the grocery shelves and ensure families are fed around our country and the world.   There are many products you can purchase in your grocery stores and local community that will directly support US farmers and by doing so you are also helping local economies, strengthening our food system and supporting the sustainable farming practices that farmers are committed to improving day in and day out. Another way you can support and show love for United States farmers is by taking the pledge with me at

We are proud US Soybean Farmers, with soybean production making up half of our row crop acres.  We actively work to improve and reduce our impact on the environment by employing sustainable farming practices like crop rotation, minimal tillage, cover crops and water and nutrient management to provide a quality, sustainable ingredient, soy, to the world.  Since 1980, US soybean farmers have increased soy production by 96% while using 8% less energy – WOW, that is incredible, especially considering that soybeans are the second largest crop grown in the US!

I ventured out to our local, small town grocery store last week to see if I could find any soy products to use in our daily lives.  Our town only has about 3000 people in it so I wasn’t sure of the choices I’d have available but to my surprise, I scored some soy flour in the natural foods aisle (well, really it’s a small spot on two shelves in the flour/cake mix/coffee aisle but I’ll take it!).  Now, I faced the dilemma of what to do with the soy flour. I am not known for “whipping up” any sort of recipe on my own so I followed Soy Connection to find a recipe that is created by a chef using soy flour.  Lucky for me, after typing in “soy flour” in the search bar, Blueberry Soy Flour Muffins.  I took some risks and stepped way outside my cooking comfort zone with these. To my surprise, they turned out perfect and were delicious! On the Soy Connection website, you can find countless recipes using soy products and learn about the road to sustainability for the soy industry.

Our farm family and other farm families across the United States, work incredibly hard to provide food and other products you use in your daily lives while working toward a more sustainable soybean production. We will absolutely continue to do this as we progress further into 2020 and into the future. 


Visit Follow the prompts and learn how grocery items you are putting in your cart each week support farmers across the country. Most importantly, however, is to show the love for farm families, like mine, and TAKE THE PLEDGE.

As a farmer, I want to thank YOU for purchasing products we help to produce. Your purchases and continued support are what helps us continue to do what we do best – farm! 

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