As we navigate through, what I think will be referred to as “The Pandemic of 2020” (aka COVID-19), I found myself doing things around our house and in our daily life that I wasn’t doing before this occurred. These “things” or chores or tasks, whatever you’d like to call them, are small but impactful to not only our budget but also the environment.

Here are just a few changes that have been occurring around the Epperson house during social distancing:

  1. Eating all the leftovers – Do you ever bag up leftovers and then throw them away just a few days later? Yep, me too. However, Jordan and I have been eating our leftovers for lunch that way we can still enjoy something different for supper but not waste near as much food.
  2. Use washable containers -When I put leftovers in the refrigerator, I usually throw about half of them in plastic baggies that I throw away. No more baggies for us – only washable containers. Our local school needs all the baggies they can get for free student lunches so I won’t be grabbing any extras off the shelves.
  3. Use glass plates – For the same reasoning as above, I found myself grabbing paper plates so often for Jordan and I or when I am at home alone for lunch (and by alone I mean with two toddlers just without Jordan). I have every capability to wash dishes and no need for paper plates. Paper plates will be saved for special occasions and camping when needed.
  4. There are a few more miscellaneous things … making sure the lights are off when we are not in a room, washing full loads of laundry, not washing my hair as often (hello, grease but at least its not being over washed).

I sourced Instagram for changes you are making in your daily life during this time. I always like to figure out ways I could be saving money/relaxing/doing something for me during this time. There were SO many amazing responses. Here are some of my favorite listed below.

  1. Shopping less/making less trips to the store (shelter at home WIN!)
  2. Meal planning for all meals including snacks
  3. Using washcloths instead of paper towels
  4. More home cooked meals with family (YAY! This is going to be a great benefit from this craziness!)
  5. Walking dogs
  6. Cooking and baking more
  7. Concentrating on less food waste
  8. Baking our own bread (Yummmm! Send me some (or maybe an easy recipe!)
  9. Getting kids to pick up toys before bed instead of doing it for them
  10. Grocery shopping in my pantry and freezer to use stuff we already have (I need to do that this week)
  11. Cleaning/sanitizing handles/door knobs/light switches etc. Phones too!
  12. Shopping local when we need something (bookstores and restaurants)
  13. Not straightening my hair and letting is heal/rest (Perfect time for that)
  14. Taking time to sit down and rest (THIS!)
  15. Keeping my house “cleaner”
  16. Going on adventures with kids (technology makes so many ideas for adventures available – I’m loving the chalk art and scavenger hunts)
  17. Not complaining about going to work because others would like to work right now
  18. Purging every room for stuff/junk we can donate or don’t need
  19. Rationing kids toilet paper (hahahahahahahaha…. truth)
  20. Farm work but more prayer with kids
  21. Cutting out processed food
  22. Focusing on getting nutrients/staying healthy
  23. Spending more time together as a family and having more relaxing nights with kids
  24. Drinking coffee at home instead of buying it on the way to work (HUGE money saver!)
  25. Milking cows earlier to have more time together as a family
  26. Cooking every meal at home

These are all SUCH good ides for our family to implement right now and even look to for the future. I do believe this crazy time will make America, and the world, humble and more rooted again. We run, run, run all the time. May this scary situation make us realize how little we need to live and how much we already have in our lives. I am so grateful for all these responses and to see so much value on re-gaining family time! This is God speaking directly to us.

Bless you all and may you and your family continue to stay healthy and safe during this time. The sun is shining here! I will hopefully be sharing about planting and spraying soon (like maybe this week!!! I’m outrageously optimistic…)