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Picky eater? I fall strongly under that category. I am the pickiest eater but as I get older, I try new things often. Mostly because I make my kids try new foods, so therefore, I have to put my money where my mouth is and try new things also.

Never would I ever have tried pasta salad until I got brave enough to try my mother-in-laws recipe. Now, I make it whenever I have a chance. It is a sweet, vinegar based salad that will have your taste buds asking for more. Don’t wait to make this one the day of the party or supper, it is a make ahead and eat all week kind of salad.

This fall, I have been struggling to find food items other than granola bars and chips to add to Jordan’s lunch box. Pasta salad is the perfect cold addition to his deli meat sandwiches and veggies {carrot sticks and ranch are Jordan’s go to right now}.


16oz Tri-color Rotini

1.5c Sugar

2/3c White Vinegar

1/2c Oil

2 Tbsp Mustard

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Black Pepper

1 Tbsp Minced Garlic

1c Chopped Green Pepper

1c Chopped Cucumber

1c Chopped White Onion

Boil noodles as directed on box {I prefer to cook to al dente as they will absorb the sauce mixture and soften overnight}. Drain and rinse with cold water to stop the cooking process.

Add sugar, vinegar, oil, salt, pepper, garlic and mustard to a saucepan over medium heat. Stir frequently. Once the sugar is dissolved, set aside to cool. While you are warming your sauce, chop your pepper, onion and cucumber.

Add noodles, sauce (can still be warm) and veggies to a large bowl. Stir well. Place in refrigerator overnight. Stir well before serving.

Thats it! It is a bit of work but makes a large batch that you can take to your local carry-in, serve at a family dinner or add to your husbands lunch box during harvest. Enjoy!